Absolute Encoder

JDCA58S-CANopen Series

  • JDCA58S Series
  • Sensing method Magnetic
  • Functional principle Multiturn
  • Multiturn technology Mechanical gears without batteries
  • Housing size Φ58mm
  • Solid shaft Φ10mm
  • Max. Resolution 25Bit
  • Steps per turn 8192/13Bit
  • Number of turn 4096/12Bit
  • Interface CANopen
  • Supply voltage 10-30VDC
  • Protection IP65/IP67

Technical parameter

Technical – Machine characteristics

Shaft diameter Solid shaft Φ10mm

MaterialAluminum alloy

Shell materialAluminum alloy

Shaft loadingMax. 40N Axial

Radial loadMax. 80N Axial

Rotatinal speedMax. 3000 min

Shock resistance 100g,3ms

Shock resistance10g,10...2000Hz

Protection grade IP65/IP67

Working temperature-40℃...+85℃

Storage temperature -40℃...+85℃

Weight ≈450g

Wiring method Radial direction

Technical – Electrical characteristics

Interface CANopen

Transmission rateMax 1MBit/s

Code Binary


The node addressProgrammable setting

Counter directionProgrammable setting

StandardDSP -406 V3.2DS 301 V4.02


Launch interferenceEN61000-6-4

Circuit protectionSurge protection, Reverse polarity protection, ESD protection

Ordering information

Ordering example:JDCA58S10B1212S90T10-30R1

Terminal assignment



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