Technical service

Welcome to contact us! We are pleased to provide you an optimized automation solution.

Our telephone service is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.,or you can consult our other branches around the country.

Contact number: 021-65311020

In case of urgent matters, please call the 24-hour service hotline 13817626600

You can also send email to

Service Content:

Technical consulting – a number of experienced engineers help to provide you with a full range of technical consulting services.

Model selection – Select the most suitable product according to your actual needs.

Complaint- If you have any comments on our products or services, you can contact us through the hotline, we have a person to follow up, and feedback to you.

Service request – if you have on-site service needed, you can also contact us through the hotline.

Perhaps you’d like to use the phone for counseling?Our professional technicians are happy to give you a satisfactory consultation. Please fill in this form.

We are always ready to provide on-site technical support, please send this form to us.

Our ordering center is pleased to provide you with quick and thoughtful service

You can get the samples you need from us.

If you need only one product? No problem, TOFI doesn’t have any quantity limits.

If the quantity exceeds 50PCS, we will send you your personal quotation by E-mail.

Supply service: TOFI supplies fast and thoughtful.We can deliver goods to your site by express in case of emergency.