Absolute Encoder

JDCA58 Modbus-RTU Series

  • JDCA58 series
  • Sensing method Magnetic
  • Functional principle Multiturn
  • Mltiturn technology Mechanical gears without batteries
  • Housing size Φ58mm
  • Shaft diameter Solid shaft with keyway Φ6mm、Φ10mm
  • Blind hollow shaft Φ10、Φ12、Φ14mm
  • Max. resolution 25Bit
  • Steps per turn 8192/13Bit
  • Number of turn 4096/12Bit
  • Interface Modbus-RTU
  • Supply voltage Supply voltage DC5V、DC10-30V
  • Protection IP54、IP65

Technical parameter

Technical – Machine characteristics

Shaft diameter Solid shaftΦ6mm、Φ10mm Blind hollow shaft Φ10、Φ12、Φ14mm

MaterialAluminum alloy

Shell materialTensile iron shell +Black painted

Shaft loadingMax. 40N Axial

Radial loadMax. 80N Axial

Rotatinal speedMax. 3000 min

Shock resistance 100g,3ms

Shock resistance10g,10...2000Hz

Protection grade IP65/IP67

Working temperature-40℃...+85℃

Storage temperature -40℃...+85℃

Weight ≈350g

Wiring method Radial direction

Technical – Electrical characteristics

Interface Modbus-RTU

Baud rate4800 9600 19200 38400 115200 bps

Code Hexadecima

Address range 0-99

Data response 2ms (9600 19200 38400 115200 bps)
5ms (4800bps)

No-load current ≤80mA


Counting direction Can be set(Clockwise,increasing ,top-view of shaft)

External zero setting Can be set,on-delay>100ms


Emission interference EN61000-6-4

Circuit protectionSurge protection(1KV) 、Reverse polarity protection 、ESD protection(8KV)

Ordering information

Ordering example:JDCA58S10B1212CS64T10-30R1

Terminal assignment



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