Heavy-duty encoder

EHK99HZ series

  • EHK9901H series
  • Encoder with redundant signals
  • Sensing method optical
  • Shaft insulation shaft insulation reach to2.5KV
  • Housing size Φ99.5mm
  • Axis of cone 17(1:10)
  • Max. resolution 2500PPR
  • Supply voltage 5VDC,9-30VDC
  • Protection IP66

Technical parameter

Technical – Machine characteristics

Shaft diameterHollow shaft Φ12、Φ16mm axis of cone17(1:10)



Shaft loadingMax. 100 N Axial;max. 300 N Radial

Shock resistance1000m/s²(11ms)

Vibration resistance100m/s²(20-2000Hz)

Starting torque<0.05Nm

MaterialsMaterials Flange:PEEK
Solid shaft:Aluminium alloy
Housing:Aluminium alloy

Working temperature-40℃…+85℃

Storage temperature-40℃…+85℃


Technical – Electrical characteristics

Output circuitPush-Pull

Pulse rateMax. 2500P/R

Supply voltage5-30V

Power consumption(no load)Max. 125 mA

Permissible load/channel Max. ±80mA

Pulse frequency Max. 100 KHz

Signal level highMin. +Ub-4V

Signal level lowMax. 0.8V

Rise time TrMax. 1 μs

Fall time Tf Max. 1 μs

Short circuit proof outputsYes

Ordering information

Ordering example:EHK99H16E1024A9-30RT1

Terminal assignment



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