Absolute Encoder

Reliable and accurate position feedback without reference point, and the shaft is still rotating after power failure.

  • Absolute encoder to use precise optical technology and strong magnetic sensor technology to sensor location information
  • extremely rich products series; Single-turn and multi-turn technologies provide a variety of signal interfaces and shaft types
  • Positioning information when the power is maintained
  • No battery more than ring technology: optical mechanical gears without batteries
  • High shock resistance, anti jitter performance
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Sensing method
Functional principle
Installation method
Shaft type
Steps per turn
Number of turn
Picture Product Series Housing size Shaft diameter Steps per turn Number of turn Interface Remarks Download file
JDCE36S-CANopen Series Φ36.5mm Solid shaft Φ10mm ≤16384/14Bit ≤16384/14Bit CANopen